Seleca's Harp (selecasharp) wrote,
Seleca's Harp

A list of things as they occur to me

1. We saw The Hunger Games last night. My biggest issue was with the shaky-cam, honestly. I pretty much liked everything else they did. Yay! I liked the books well enough, and some of the issues with them were made better by the movie. The shaky-cam does get better after awhile, so it didn't kill the movie for me, but be prepared if you go. ^^ Also, Seneca Crane's beard.

2. I've actually been writing and stuff lately, which means I'm feeling good. Yay drugs! Yay feeling better! I've been exercising too and being more careful about what I eat again, which probably helps.

3. I've also discovered sleeping on a more-or-less regular schedule has FINALLY started helping me (it didn't when I was younger, so my sleep SUCKED). This is good because I actually sleep for like 5-7 hours AT A TIME! *gasp* But it also kinda sucks because I can't stay up that late anymore. Or rather, I can, but I don't sleep as well. Boooo I like being a night owl! :( :( :( Maybe when I have a different job I can make it so my regular schedule involves staying up till 3am or something.

4. I've managed to pull a muscle in one of my thighs. The other foot has a very badly cracked heel. This means I'm going to lift weighs today instead of the walk I'd planned, haha.

5. I have caught up some on LJ but I'm still sloooooowly working my way through the backlog since November. Hopefully I'll be done soon! I'm glad I caught up on the ones of you I have so far, though. *hugs*
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