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And in other news

In less happy news, the kittens we're fostering appear to have fucked my laptop up. I think I've narrowed it down to it being a stuck key (from the girl kitten running across the damn keyboard), as the milk they knocked over onto it doesn't seem to have done damage. >_>

Also, there is Drama at work that has resulted in me taking over the teen department's programming for the rest of their summer reading program. Because I didn't have enough to do with just the children's! But, it's all right, because it's not All About Me (contrary to popular belief), and the teen librarian is working through some major stuff atm. I'm happy to help. Still, I am NEVER going to get any writing done the first half of this month. @_@ (Fortunately, the teen shit ends July 14 - my birthday, coincidentally! Unfortunately, the children's stuff doesn't end till July 27.)

Last, Jess's car broke down and so she had to buy a new one, and we're going to be in Even More Debt soon. She has a job now, which is good, but it's not entirely full-time yet and we're still running super-low in funds from when she didn't have one. I already know how much my CC bill is this month, and I definitely can't pay it all (naturally, MY car just required a MAJOR service). Sigh. Basically, I can't buy ANYTHING this month other than gas. I just bought a bunch of food, so I'm going to try not to even buy that. I'll be able to relax this SLIGHTLY when lightthesparks is here, but we'll have to be SUPER careful. Actually, except for when she's here, I pretty much can't buy ANYTHING other than food or gas or, like, toilet paper for months. Bleh.

Okay, enough depressing news. I'm actually doing pretty well, except for being behind on writing because it's SUMMER and also STUFF. The foster kittens should be gone in a week (thank GOD. They're adorable and they loooooove me, but they eat food and they run across keyboards and do other kitten shit). They're going to my cousin, so I'll be able to see them occasionally. Yay!

And now I'd better go to bed. Goodnight!

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