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It was an accident, officer!

For some background, jaymian and I are very similar in temperament. Not so much in personality, but we both tend to react emotionally the same way. That's why the diamond quiz (see below) amused us so much, as we got the same answer.

Also, Jamie is in vet school but doesn't have residency in that state.

Jamie: I can act with grace and elegance. I just don't do it. It is too lady like.
Me: Heehee.
Jamie: And manipulation is the soul of a diamond.
Me: ARE you going to haul a farm boy to the altar?
Jamie: Hey, I tell you what. I will find a bunch of farm boys and do a line-up for you and you can tell me which ones get your vote.
Me: Only if I get to be the one to have you in bed. ;-)
Jamie: Then I can marry that one and you can help me get rid of him as soon as in state residency has been established. Yeah, I wouldn't sleep with him. He is probably more used to his cow anyway. I would rather have you any day.
Me: 'Earl had to die!'
Jamie: ::snickers::
Jamie: Only I would get one I could dominate from the start.
Me: "Gosh, aw shucks, Miss Jamie..."
Jamie: Turn on the grace and elegance for the courtship, and then make him divorce me when the Jamie comes back.
Jamie: Heh heh.
Me: Heehee!
Jamie: Iah gunna go wrassle some steer hunny. I'll be back fer dinna yah hear.
Jamie: Jis put mah food in the barn like usual.
Me: Jamie: *loading her gun* Yes, dear. Hurry back.
Jamie: ::giggles::
Me: Hmm, or maybe you could arrange him to get trampled by his cows.
Me: Then it would look like an accident!
Jamie: Yeah, teach my dog to herd and then herd them his direction.
Me: "I'm sorry, ma'am, but it looks like your husband tried to, erm, violate the cow. And, well, the cow didn't like it."
Jamie: "I don't know what spooked her officer - he is her favorite!"
Me: *giggles*
Jamie: "She hardly minds him at all..."
Me: "I don't know why she got mad this time..."
Jamie: "Now that neighbor boy, well..."
Jamie: "He always used plenty of KY."
Me: "Oh god! She was JEALOUS! He wasn't with her; he was with Daisy! The man-ho!"
Jamie: "I'd been telling him for weeks now those two were competing for his amorous attentions."
Me: "But did he listen? Noooooo!"
Jamie: "Dasiy was a might shorter than Bella, easier to reach, but Bella was the first and you know how those cows can be."
Jamie: "Why, he was always sneaking off in the middle of the night to sleep in the barn when Bella was in."
Me: "I KNEW I should have taken out that life insurance policy on him..."
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