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Just back away slowly...

La la la... let's see, not too much to report. I'm bored, but I get to leave in about five minutes to go be bored at my OTHER job. I ran out of MSTed Harry Potter fics to read, alas, but at least I'm not almost falling off the chair trying not to laugh anymore.

I think I scared some patrons...

My muse keeps bothering me. ;_; Maybe I'll try to do something once I get to the main branch.

Anyway, Jess is off to some sort of job thing today. Yesterday we got a message - she had interviewed at a health care place awhile ago, but they said no. However, their OTHER facility called and asked her to come in for an interview. This morning when she called, it turned out they actually want to run a criminal check on her and then do a physical. While this doesn't necessarily mean she'll get hired, it's a damn good sign. I'm hoping!

Even if it DOES mean I'll have to start doing half the housework again...
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