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"I knew I forgot something last night. Apparently it was setting my alarm."

Last night, I went to dinner with my father around five or so. Because I KNOW caffeine keeps me up, I just drank Sprite and the orange concoction they had. I completely forgot one type of orange soft drink is caffeinated.

I'm thinking I must have had that type, because come seven am, I'm STILL awake. And not all that sleepy. I didn't get to sleep until EIGHT AM. Keep in mind I must haul my ass out of bed at eleven for work. I have to be there at noon, and since I'm the ONLY person there, I kind of need to be on time.

Turns out I ALSO forgot to set my alarm, so I woke up at 11:40. I promptly panicked for about ten seconds, then got dressed in a whirlwind and ran out the door, pausing only to grab the cereal box. I got here about 30 seconds late, which I suppose isn't TOO bad. Good thing no one was waiting to get in.

Still... argh, much suckage. I am quite tired. And hungry. And it's very difficult to eat crushed powdery granola without at least a spoon. And I still have to write a paper. ;_;
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