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I don't normally get too political, but...,1299,DRMN_21_2384583,00.html

Some of that was just so... I love the reverend who said that you can tell Christians by their love, and that Fred Phelps' agenda doesn't seem to have anything to do with love. HELL YEAH.

And, if God were punishing countries for their tolerance of gays, why hasn't the Netherlands sunk into the sea yet, or Belgium been bombed, or - what was it, Taiwan? - blown up, or Canada dissolved? I wish these people knew what logic was.

I also wish they'd realize that one line in Leviticus does not a universal condemnation of gays make. For one thing, why aren't we putting to death all who eat shellfish too? For another, the New Testament is supposed to sort of "trump" the Old Testament for Christians, so basing all evidence of Biblical condemnation of gays on something from Judaic law (many many MANY of which are NOT FOLLOWED by Christians AT ALL) is hardly legitimate.

And yet, I don't hate these people. I marvel that they could care THIS MUCH, that they hate THIS MUCH. I mean, Gods, aren't there better things to spend your energy on? I feel sorry for them. I hate what their idiocy does, but I feel sorry that they have to spend their lives mired in hatred of something that really, really shouldn't matter to them.

The sad part is that I'm not really very Christian, but I seem to have what it means down far better than they do. *sigh*
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