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I'm hungry, so to distract myself, I update!

I had a very odd dream last night that went slightly more like one of pixymisa's dreams usually do. After all, in it, I was part of a group of people who needed to save the world.

From what I remember, there were about three people (sort of weird conglomerations of Buffy characters and Animorphs characters, but magic fantasy world versions. That's the last time I read Buffy summaries and then Animorphs before bed.) who were all on this mission to save earth. Taylor (one of my characters, but not MitM's version; rather, he was canon...sort of) was also involved in this. The four of them formed a circle around this person who was apparently really a dragon, and the spell to keep his dragon-ness from exploding from his body was wearing thin. So Taylor and co. had to reinforce the spell or dragon-boy would die. Or something. I had the impression that we were in the middle of some sort of fantasy war thingy. I'm assuming this dragon feature is left over from Animorphs.

I appeared on the scene as Courtney (also a character of mine; Taylor's lover usually), but I was bad-ass magic usin' Courtney, who observed the proceedings with disdain. I realized they had forgotten to raise a warding circle to contain their magic, so I did it for them. With a quick snap of my fingers.

Then I considered just putting my hands on the dragon-boy and simply healing him (because apparently Courtney could do that), but my muse popped up and said that Courtney was getting too powerful if we did that, and so I just watched. Then I wandered over to Taylor and started berating him for their ineptitude. Which is interesting, because in this little world, we'd never met before.

The next part involved people hitting on me (because Courtney's just so damn hot) and me twisting their arms (literally) to make them go away. (I wish I had that problem in real life. Sigh.) Anyway, I had this discussion with Taylor about how we needed to save the world from something or other, and he wanted me to come along with his group because I was so damn hot, er, powerful.

And then came the part of the dream that I remember quite well, probably because it involved yaoi sex. >)

I agreed to go with them and then decided to seduce Taylor. Why? I felt like it! Actually, my subconscious handed me some crap about feeling like there was a "connection", and that was the motivation for pouncing, but who really cares, right? Anyway, in order to do so I crept up behind a conveniently shirtless Taylor and started nuzzling at his neck. He was all, "Wait, why are you doing this? We barely...know...each other...oooh, there." I remember murmuring something about it not mattering and then sticking my hand in his pants. There was more moaning and kissing of neck, and then the inevitable breathy, "Fuck me," followed by just that, the details of which are kind of sketchy owing to the fact that I'm, you know, a girl in reality with absolutely no idea what that would actually feel like. And then Tara started purring in my face and woke me up.

In retrospect I find it funny that Taylor was all, "Fuck me!" since he's supposed to be kind of top-boy in both canon AND MitM, but whatever. I'll let my subconscious supply Courtney as the seme. It was still fun. *grin*

Oh, and I have no idea what happened with the dragon-boy, the other random people in Taylor's little Fellowship magic party, or whether or not the world actually got saved. But hey, gay sex!
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