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So here's the background: the library in which I work has a patron counter, and at the end of each day we record the number. Being the only person here on Sundays, obviously I must record the number. I have never failed to do this.

One week, however, many weeks ago, the Saturday people forgot. When I took the book to write down the count, I inadvertantly wrote it in Saturday's block, since I just assumed it was done and the next blank block was mine. I should have double-checked the date, but still, I don't think it's that bad to make a mistake because I assumed other people were competent.

Anyway, I got an email reminding me to do the count. I'm all like, "I did!" and realized what happened, and moved the numbers around. I emailed back saying it was Saturday that hadn't taken the count, and went on my merry way. Again, NEVER forgetting to do the count.

Is it wrong to be annoyed that the staff here find it necessary to write in HUGE block letters on every Sunday, "TAKE PATRON COUNT AT CLOSING"? I never fucking forgot! Write it on Saturday's block, you pedantic assholes!

After weeks of being assaulted with reprimands for something I never did (if it said "CHECK DATE ON PATRON COUNT" I wouldn't be as annoyed), I got annoyed and wrote on NEXT Sunday's block, "I WILL!!!"
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