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Bowtaku unite!

Becky: I'm having one of those "Why the FUCK am I watching this?" moments. o.o
Me: ??
Becky: I... am.... for some reason, watching Nick's Barbie at Swan Lake.
Becky: And they're completely bastardizing the story of Swan Lake! This is horrible.
Me: o_o
Becky: Well, they are... oh brother... he doesn't take the shot because she's so beautiful. Give me a break.
Becky: I'm gonna throw up. I'm gonna throw up!
Me: This is a Barbie version?
Me: *shakeshake* What is WRONG with you!?
Becky: I don't know! I usually watch Nick now 'cause it has an actually cool cartoon on at this time... Oh GAWD!!! Tell me she wasn't saved by a piece of jewelry.
Becky: AHHHH!! Not pink!
Becky: Anything but pink!
Me: o_o
Becky: That's IT! Where is the remote!?
Becky: This kind of trauma can only be healed by ONE thing.
Me: Gay porn?
Becky: Okay, two things...
Becky: I'll give you a hint: "Come on, feet."
Me: Heehee!
Me: *giggles*
Becky: Mmmm, Bowie. n.n
Me: You know, Bowie gay porn would be the ultimate cure-all.
Becky: Just think how wonderful the world would be!
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