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Back from the vet... skip if uninterested in my cats =p

What he should weigh: ~10 lbs.
What he did weigh: ~11 lbs when I got him, then ~8 lbs after the whole bladder thing.
What he weighs now: 9.07 lbs.

The vet says he's "very lean" but also says he's not too thin. I still think he should weigh a little more.

What she should weigh: ~8 lbs.
What she did weigh: Less than 6 lbs when I got her, then ~10 lbs after we realized she had gone past underweight right to overweight.
What she weighs now: 8.05 lbs.


What he should weigh: ~11-12 lbs.
What he did weigh: ~9 lbs when we got him, then ~14.5 lbs because he's a friggin' pig cat.
What he weighs now: 12.2 lbs.

Could probably stand to lose a LITTLE more (like, ounces), but at least he isn't a whopping nearly 15 pound kitty anymore. The vet was very impressed that we got him to lose two pounds.

On the whole, the kitties are all at least within the range of where they need to be, instead of quite under- or overweight. Wheela!
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