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Copiers and expenses at schools

So some whiny chica just came up and said she needed to make copies, but she had no money. Was there any way to make a free copy?

Me: Well... no.

Even if I could get access to the employee copier (which is locked up, so the point is moot), why should I? And yes, all the copiers around here demand money.

Her: We pay enough in tuition! We should get free copies!

Me: (thinking) I pay roughly eight times as much in tuition as you do (or the school does), and I still have to pay for copies. (out loud) I'm sorry.

I mean, come on. It costs like $250 to take a four credit class here. And a full courseload (12 credits) only costs about $800. It costs me over $6000 to take twelve credits.

Besides, all those copiers DO cost money, in paper and ink and the machine itself and service and whatnot. They'd have to raise tuition if they didn't have copies cost, you silly girl, and wouldn't that be more annoying, if you almost never made copies? Shouldn't the frequent abusers bear the brunt of paying for the service, a whopping $0.10 at a time?

And besides, what does she expect ME to do about it?

I forgot my magic copying wand at home. =p
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