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Thanks for all the well-wishes. ^_^ I'm still sick, but the fever has decided to be low-grade instead of high-grade, so that's good. I should be fine soon. Sleep. Lots of sleep. Too bad I do have a paper to do.

I think the problem is that I didn't have ENOUGH school work these last few weeks. Normally I'm fine until winter break, wherein I go home and THEN get sick. But this time, I didn't have much work and thus not enough adrenaline to combat sickness until I relaxed. Damn you, grad school!

Although I do have dim memories from last fall semester, wherein I wrote two papers - one 21 pages, the other 20 - in their entirety in two nights while running a fever.

Tomorrow's presentation should be okay - I'm trying for a microphone because talking vaguely hurts. No being loud for me. Otherwise the thing was finished weeks ago, so I don't have to worry about it. I'm so driving in tomorrow, though - it's going to be frickin' COLD, and it's a long walk otherwise.

Bleh, I suppose I should make my sick ass do some actual work on that paper/presentation on Monday.
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