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Alas, I only enjoyed ONE DAY of not being sick before I was - yep - sick again. At least this time it's just a cold, not a 103-fever inducing bronchitis. And I think I'll be better again soon. Sleep. Lots of it.

My cat LOVES me, now that I've brought him back to my parents' and I'm the only familiar thing around. He sleeps with me all night, on and under the covers (and sometimes my head). Awww. He hasn't tried to kill me, either.

I hate normal keyboards. So I just switched it with my old ergonomic, which is still here. Wow, you have to hit the keys harder on this one than the one back at home.

I have to take my parents to the airport tomorrow, and they still haven't told me when. Sigh.

I think I should try to write. My head feels like it got stuffed with cotton, but other than that and the hacking up of lung butter, I'm okay. And no MitM for me, without Photoshop. But, it's a good time to try to write insane things, yes? So check fier if you want to see what I manage to turn out. If anything. Whee.

*goes off to take more medicine*
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