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I have a little sister now o_o

While doing slave labor for the youth department (which involved going to the local school district and cutting paper for four hours @_@), I was accosted by a little brown-haired munchkin the moment I sat down to cut.

"What's your name?" wanted to know the child, so I told her. She told me her name was Lilia, and that she was five. "Almost six! Well, not really. My birthday's October 26th." She expressed amazement at my age, then proceeded with the questioning (incidentally, she was helping me cut paper. Isn't that nice?).

"Do you have a daughter? (No) Do you have a husband? (No) Did you know you have blond hair? (Yes. Did you know you have brown hair?)" Her mother kept getting embarrassed. "Lili! Some people don't like to be asked questions!"

She asked me if I had a sister. I told her no, but that I had a brother. She said she had one too, and whispering, told me he was "a big dummy!" I told her my own brother can also be dumb. It was about then she proclaimed me her sister and gave me a big hug. She also gave me a drawing she'd done.

When they had to leave, her mother said to me, "Thank you for putting up with her!" I told her it had been no problem. Lilia gave me another hug, and then, when her mother dragged her off, called, "Bye bye sis! I'll never forget you, even though I'll never see you again!"

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