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A grand adventure!

Me: That was an adventure. o_o
Carter: o_o
Me: We had to find....THE EECS BUILDING!!!!
Me: *dum dum dum*
Me: *lightning crashes*
Me: A lot was working against us... No parking. Badly marked street signs. No front to the building.
Carter: *gasps*
Me: We ended up driving on the sidewalk, puzzling all and sundry.
Carter: What did you do?!?!
Me: Finally, we did what we had to - we separated!
Carter: Awww...and you were the perfect couple, too...
Me: I took the bounty and WALKED on the sidewalk we had just driven on, into the building, and UP THE STAIRS!!!
Me: Jessica took the car and CIRCLED!
Me: And incidentally didn't meet me in the correct place!
Me: And then I WALKED out, got in the car, and we DROVE HOME!!!!
Carter: *applauds*
Me: The bounty now safely delivered, we knew we had acheived our goal!
Me: And thus, ends our tale of our PAIN! and adventure!
Carter: Where was the pain? o_o
Me: Um.... trying to find the damn building. o_o
Me: It was on [road name], right?
Me: So I got on [road name]. It ended. No EECS building.
Carter: Right.
Me: It turned out that [road name the second], the road you take to [road name], ended AT [road name], and what LOOKED like [road name the second] continuing was ACTUALLY [road name] making a sharp turn. >_<
Carter: I see confusion...frustration...boredom...despair, maybe.
Me: Oh, shut up. :-P
Carter: :-D

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