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Strangely, I somehow managed to get really good scores on my last three microeconomics/cognitive psychology (yes, ONE class) homeworks. This is odd because I was making it all up. The ones I turned it before, where I thought I understood what I was doing? Not good scores. Naturally.

I can't write this damn excellence in teen services essay. I think I'm too tired. I couldn't sleep very well last night - I was literally waking up every half hour or so. Or I may possibly be too brain-fucked after having finally finished the Animorphs series. All I can really say about it is, "What the HELL was that!?"

I still want to write. The part of my brain that needs to create and was stilled by NaNoWriMo is poking me again. I hope I have time tomorrow to try that, as I still have to pull that teen services essay out of my ass, as well as read three articles. And sleep. Gods yes.

Speaking of, I will now go sleep until I have to go get Jess (in roughly three hours). *mutters* I cannot WAIT until she gets a fucking car. Damn insurance people for "losing the paperwork".
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