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Because it's on my mind...

After reading some controversy on one of my friends' journal concerning The Passion of the Christ, I have to make some points I don't feel like making in his journal, since he doesn't really need me pontificating there. Especially as these points are only tangentially related...

My first point doesn't have to apply to just this movie, but it's a good example. I haven't seen it, so I make no claims over whether it's anti-Semitic or not. HOWEVER - using the argument, "How can it be anti-Semitic? Jesus was a Jew!" IS NOT VALID. I'm sorry, but it's not. If Christians actually felt that way, everything would be love and roses where Jews are concerned. Christians don't see him as a Jew; they see him as Christ. Jesus being a Jew obviously has meant nothing at all to Christians in the past, and you can't use it as the sole basis of an argument now. Claiming that something is not anti-Semitic on this basis is not only invalid, it's stupid. If you want to prove that this movie is not anti-Semitic, then come up with some actual examples.

Second, some of us who feel the way we do about religion and Christianity HAVE read the Bible. In fact, I'd wager that I've read more of the Bible than many, MANY Christians. If someone doesn't like the religion or disagrees with it, it does not automatically mean that they aren't versed in its writings or know nothing about it. Hell, sometimes it seems exactly the opposite - those who are against religion know far MORE about it that those who purport it. However, I'm not assuming every Christian out there is an ignorant fucktard - stop assuming we are!

Third, disagreeing with someone or wanting to point out something to them to consider does NOT mean you have to attack them! You can either point it out civilly or keep your damn mouth shut - just because the way of communication is there does not mean you have to take it. The way people can abuse each other on the internet sometimes really vexes me. For an example unrelated to this, I don't like some of the pictures shown in some of my communities because they're not my thing or I find them disturbing. However, I don't have to comment saying, "You fucking bitch, don't post that shit!" I don't say anything, because you know what? Some people DO like it, and they have a right to post and look as long as they warn you what it is first. If it really IS out of line or improperly labeled - say pictures not lj-cut - you don't have to haul off and attack. Politeness DOES work better. I'm not saying we all have to be falsely polite all the time, but nor do we have to be unnecessarily vitriolic either.

There, that's off my chest. I feel better. Keep on with the show, Patrick. ^_^
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