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Dreams and phones

For some reason, my dreams involved sharks.

I remember Jessica (not Jess) and I were at the beach, and she kept ranting about how if we cut ourselves a TINY LITTLE BIT we had to get out of the water, because otherwise sharks would eat us. The water, incidentally, included stairs with a handrail. And this was supposed to be the ocean, mind. Anyway, naturally right about then I cut myself, and a great white shark came after us. I kept saying it was too shallow for it, but the shark somehow managed to LEAP out of the water and onto the shore and get us anyway. And yet, this wasn't scary.

Then I was dreaming about Annie Darling, and in it, I was a teenager and had a friend who became a waitress for this woman who took no crap. There was this flighty woman on the island whose dog fell in the water. I used the woman with the restaurant's fishing line to haul the dog out of the water - I actually didn't know it was a dog until I got it out. A sheepdog, to be precise. Anyway, I was hauling the pup out onto a dock when a shark leapt out of the water and clamped onto its hindquarters. In the first version, I think it got the dog, but then I decided that sucked, so the second time through I calmly smacked the shark on the nose and it let go. No damage to the dog, either. Again, not particularly scary, although I went through this process about eight times.

The scariest thing happened after I woke up - I had to CALL the glee club for tickets! Fear! I hate phones, but the guy was nice. ^_^

I woke up early because Amazon delivered my book (ironically, for the soc class) a day early. Grrr. So much for my plans to get lots of sleep so I won't pass out in class. Now I must go to plan 2 - caffeine. The problem with that is, of course, that it means I'll be up till, like, 8 am. Sigh.

Speaking of, I also dreamed that I was in that evil soc class doing my presentation when a coed a cappella group filed in and started singing. Interesting.
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