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So. Very. Bored.

I can't even make AIM work, which annoys me greatly since it used to be installed on this computer, and now the goddamn popup disabler has killed Express, and QuickBuddy refuses to work.


I know I should be reading Foucault's sex book (and I did read the intro already), because it does look vaguely interesting, but when I get this bored it's hard for me to concentrate on anything. I could do it if I weren't chained to the desk at work.

Must entertain self somehow. And it's probably too early to call Jess. ;_;

Ah ha!

The scariest thing, I think, was that I spent a great deal of time in the dream as Pacey from Dawson's Creek. I mean, WHY? I was a fifteen-year-old Pacey too, except I was mysteriously myself at the same time. Ah, dream logic. Anyway, I distinctly remember us hanging out with a bunch of children and playing games with them for reasons I know not. I remember telling one little girl not to blame Dawson for being rich and having a lot of stupid toys, which incidentally, is hardly canon. Not that I should be worried about canon Dawson's Creek at this point.

Anyway, I ended up breaking that little girl's bouncing ball (which for some reason had a glass interior) so I vowed to get her another one, since she looked all sad (despite being a total brat to me like, two minutes earlier, which was why I stole her ball in the first place). I went through Dawson's closets looking for one, couldn't find one, and ended up arranging with some loan shark for the use of many many balls, but I had to pay an exorbitant fee every month for the girl's continued use of them. For some reason I was okay with this, despite explaining to the girl exactly what her big trembling eyes and her balls were doing to my wallet.

Is the imagery in this bothering anyone else?

Things got confused here (got?) as Jess and I (still Pacey, but more of myself as well) went looking for my car while in this random theme park place. This somehow connected to my quest to pay off the ball loan shark, so there was some vague continuity. Anyway, we looked and looked, and I was calling, "Jah! Where are you, Jah?" in this trembly voice (Note: Jah is my car. Yes, she has a name. And a gender. Shut up). When we finally found my car, I ran over and hugged it. Or tried.

Which was when Fernando of the Friars came up and laughed at me for hugging my car. I got indignant (as well as Very Confused over whether I was myself or Pacey), explained that I needed to find my parents in Theme Park World immediately (why, were they financing my ball rental? And if I'm a fifteen-year-old poor Pacey, why do I have a car and why can I drive it?), and so I was Very Happy to find my car. For some reason Fernando took this as an invitation to come with us, and cheerfully hopped in the backseat and belted himself in. I go with it, but not without some sniggering looks at Jess, who appeared ready to kill me.

We proceeded to drive through what appeared to be Chinese World, in which all the corridors have chinese decorations, are very tight, and for some reason are the roadways despite having wallpaper and carpet. I drove veeeeeery slowly, avoiding a lot of people just walking around, trying to find where my parents are, and recalling what the little girl I'm going through all this grief for told me: There's a place where all the animals are spread out and there's a fountain and water and stuff. And lo and behold, there was!

I tried to find my parents, but failed miserably. And then I think I woke up.

Earlier dreams involved Devin singing "Hallelujah" and me sobbing uncontrollably and trying forcibly to shut him up, which is extremely contrary to what the reality of that situation would be. Ah, dreams.

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