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Rant ahead!

This is mainly a delayed reaction to some stupid thing posted to grammar_whores. I think it went

U can't B Pro-choice
and B Catholic

or something. The point was the netspeak. My point will be the sentiment.

You know what? You CAN be pro-choice and Catholic. I see no conflict. You can believe that people should be able to make the choice according to their beliefs, but recognize that your own beliefs prohibit having an abortion. The whole point is that you CHOOSE. You can CHOOSE not to, if you're Catholic, but that doesn't mean you can't allow other people the choice.

I don't know how many Catholics actually feel this way, but I'm willing to bet some of them do. You know, the ones who recognize that just because THEIR religious beliefs prohibit them from doing it, it doesn't mean that they should push that view on EVERYONE. Sure, some obviously don't recognize this (witness the netspeak-riddled statement), but I have to be against the wholesale amalgamation of the entire religion.

And that's all I have to say about that.
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