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Equal-opportunity murderers

The following conversation was inspired by a discussion about all the truly stupid and/or reactionary laws we've heard of lately, i.e. Virginia's lovely new laws not allowing ANYTHING outside of marriage, Georgia (I think it's Georgia) and the anti-female-genital piercing law, Louisiana's attempt to ban low-slung pants, and Massachusetts' attempt to make judges elected.

Me: Can I just destroy the world?
Carter: I don't know, can you? o_o
Carter: God, I hope not, your restraint is questionable...
Me: I could, if I really wanted to.
Me: Might take me a few years to set up...
Carter: o_o
Carter: @_@
Carter: You don't have plot. Only character!
Me: Plot for my assassins! ^_^
Carter: ...and here comes the character.
Me: :-P
Carter: :-D
Me: *swats*
Carter: *giggles*
Me: Honestly. Let's just destroy most of it.
Me: We'll target fundie churches, it'll be great.
Carter: ^_^
Me: We'll be like Bonnie and Clyde.
Carter: My grandmother met them once!
Carter: They helped her change a tire. ^_^
Me: Really?
Carter: Yeah.
Carter: They were very nice.
Me: Cool!
Me: We'll be very nice too.
Me: Except to people we decide must be part of the destruction, of course.
Carter: ...right.
Me: What?
Carter: Nothing. o_o
Me: What? Geez, it's just a homicidal rampage!
Carter: *pats*
Me: *starts giggling madly*
Me: ARGH! I hate calling cocks weeping!
Carter: o_O
Me: "Weeping" always makes me think of weeping sores and just ewwwwwwwwww...
Carter: Why is there a stabbing pain behind my right temple? ;_;
Me: You need to kill to lessen it.
Me: C'mon, Clyde!
Carter: *giggles*
Me: ^_^;;;;
Carter: I should just start telling people about the pains in my head that make me want to kill.
Me: Who would you tell?
Carter: Victims.
Carter: ...I mean, uh...
Me: :-D
Me: ACK NO!!!!
Carter: o_o
Me: That's it, we're adding fanfickers who use the phrase "weeping cock" to the kill list. >_<
Carter: ??
Me: It's icky!
Me: Fundies and fanfickers, oh my!
Carter: ...
Me: Hey, you're the one with the pain in your head that makes you want to kill. :-P
Carter: It huuuuuuuurts...
Carter signed off at 6:51:57 PM.
Carter signed on at 6:57:05 PM.

Me: Welcome back. o_o
Me: didn't just go kill anyone, did you? >_>
Carter: O:-)
Me: Bad Carter! No biscuit!
Carter: *pouts*
Me: You have to wait for me!
Me: Clyde is nowhere without Bonnie. >_<
Carter: :-P
Me: *whines* And I wanna kill fundies too!
Me: And fanfickers!
Carter: Aww...I know, we all do.
Me: ...hey, do you have anyone you want removed as well??
Carter: Racketeering and monopolistic industry associations. o_o
Carter: Jack Valenti really ought to be dead already, so we'll just be restoring balance. >_<
Carter: Oh, and censors.
Carter: I also have a short list of congresscritters. o_o
Me: I want to kill censors. I'm a librarian. It's a given.
Me: So I'm all for that one. ^_^;
Carter: Yaaaaaaaaaay!
Carter: And Jack Valenti?
Me: Yeah, sure, we can kill him too. ^_^
Carter: Yaaaaaaaaay!
Me: You know, the idea of mass murdering people is making you awfully happy. o_o
Carter: Oh, sure, act surprised.
Me: I'm just sayin'!
Carter: Oh, and Grover Norquist! Him too!
Me: Okay!
Me: Can I pick people like that too?
Carter: Of course!
Me: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
Carter: I don't have so many sweeping classes of people I'd like to kill. Mostly just specifics. o_o
Me: That's fine, we're not limited murderers ^_^
Carter: Whew.
Me: We have to be equal opportunity!
Me: And now I must go to town.
Me: Muahahahaha!
Carter: To kill?
Me: *coughs* No.
Me: Talk to you later, Clyde. O:-)
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