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It looks like Azzy is sick again. ;_;

I really really don't want to have to take him to animal emergency tomorrow (WHY does he always insist on getting sick Saturday night?), but if I have to I will. Sigh.

We've locked him up with a litter box, some of his special wet food (and only that), and some tuna water and real water. I really need to see if he's not peeing right, and I can't if the other two can waltz in and pee whenever they want. Last time the food and water helped him a lot, so let's hope he gets better. I'll take him in Monday (if not tomorrow) unless he starts peeing completely normally.

I WISH I weren't working tomorrow so I can just watch him. The timing really sucks because I'm gone most of when Jess is asleep, so no one can watch him and...argh. Sigh.
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