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Kitty update

So, Azzy's been to the emergency vet. I got up three hours early and we took him in. Now I'm at work. Thank god I don't have school anymore, because I so couldn't handle trying to do homework right now like I did every other Sunday. @_@ Tiiired...

Anyway, it turns out he doesn't have crystals like he did before. The food is still working. Instead, it's more of a run-of-the-mill bladder infection. The problem with those, of course, is that in male cats they can easily lead to blockage of the urethra and thus death.

He isn't blocked (yet), though, although it did mean that he kept having to go while in the carrier and thus getting all wet and icky. It ended up costing a lot because they had to give him a catheter @_@, but I got antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory, and a cheque last night for graduation that can easily pay for it all with a lot left over. *wipes brow*

What sucks is that we have to keep him separate from the other two cats, so we can make sure he's peeing - because if he stops he needs to be rushed somewhere, as it means he's blocked and may die. This is a problem because he HATES being locked up, and the other two don't like it either; they hang around outside the door of the room he's in and meow at each other and dig at the carpet.

So, I asked my mom, who is in town, if she'd mind taking Becker and Tara for a few days. They'll have fun exploring my grandma's big house, and they'll be company for her, and that way we can let Azzy have the run of the apartment. It'll be very strange having the two of them gone, though. But I'll probably sleep better than usual. ^^;
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