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I hate the stamp machine!

I had to go the post office today to get stamps, as I had those two applications to send off. I brought the exact amount with me and began by feeding the bills ($7 total) into the machine, which said that it accepted coins, mind.

Only it didn't. I tried and tried to make it take change, running out to the car to get quarters (I had dimes) and try those. It wouldn't give back my money without purchase, and I didn't have enough in there to buy anything yet. I went back out to the car again to get more quarters so I could go exchange them for another bill.

Which is promptly when the machine said the sale was cancelled and ate my seven dollars. >_<

I went in and bitched and the girl was cool and just had me give her the 40 cents to buy the stamps and fill out something saying it had eaten my money, but it was fucking annoying! Grrrr!
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