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So, rants.

First off, the pool here at the apartment. It's supposed to be open 9-9. It has been open, like, once since it officially opened because of the weather.

In community pools where my parents are and such, if the weather gets bad they kick people out (only if they hear thunder - just rain is NOT enough) until it's been half an hour since they last heard thunder. Then you can get back in. They do NOT just close the pool four or five hours early and take off. That is what they do here, which pisses me off no end because today, it rained for half an hour - literally - and I heard thunder EXACTLY once. And yet, the pool closed at like five or something. And it's fucking sunny and gorgeous NOW and it will be the rest of the day, but the fucking pool is closed. And I'm sick of being denied being able to go swimming because of some lazy ass shitfucks who can't be bothered to wait a fucking half an hour!!!!

Secondly, Aslan and his tendency to get sick lately.

He's been coughing for awhile, all wheezing and at first he threw up a bit, but there was usually hair in it. He stopped doing that, but he's still coughing, and now he's sneezing a lot too. So, to the vet.

The vet tells me that coughing and sneezing are caused by different things in cats. Coughing could be asthma (JUST what he needs) or heartworm (unlikely, he never goes outside and he doesn't have the OTHER symptoms other than some mild weight loss, but he always does that when he's sick and he's still eating) or maybe some bacterial infection. Sneezing could be allergies or a virus. Now, he just had that bladder infection so he was just on antibiotics, so the vet doubts it's bacterial. She decided to treat him for the sneezing and assume it was viral or allergies, especially because he got an eye infection at this same time last year.

So, I have to give him these meds for that, and I also have to go back (did I mention this vet is REALLY FUCKING FAR AWAY?) and give them a stool sample, which means I have to lock the poor cat up by himself with a litter box AGAIN. Also, she wants me to go find lysine (an amino acid) and give it to him in his food, but this means I need to go hunt down the fucking pills myself, and I can't remember where she said they might (MIGHT) have them, and I'd never heard of it anyway.

I just want to stop worrying and go fucking swimming, but NO. I can't do THAT because it had the audacity to rain for one fucking half hour!

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