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Early-morning woes

Tomorrow I have an appointment for the dreaded pelvic exam at 9:10 am. Feh. At least that's all for tomorrow, so I can take a nap after I do that and go to the post office.

Also, a mixed blessing. I got called for an interview at one of the libraries to which I applied. Problem is, the time they suggested was 8:45 am. Even worse? The place is about an hour and a half away, so to make sure I'm on time I'd need to leave at 6:35 am. @_@ Dear GODS. I tried calling to see if the time could be changed, but I haven't heard back.

Please, please, let them either change the time, or let me get a job at the first place so I don't have to interview there at all.

Oh, and the comic is done.
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