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FYI, I'm in Virginia

Today I went and saw the fireworks with jaymian and her family (two sisters, a brother) and some other random people. For some reason they were today instead of tomorrow. Anyway, we went over to one of the high schools nearby and climbed up this really steep hill to watch them. A bunch of the kids had cardboard and were trying to use bits of it to slide down the hill. It wasn't working very well, though.

The fireworks were beautiful (although no stars or hearts appeared, disappointing Jamie and me mightily), and afterward we tried our hand at sliding down the hill ourselves. It still wasn't working too well, and a lot of people had left behind cardboard, so someone had the idea to make a cardboard ramp down the hill and slide down THAT. It worked beautifully, and soon a bunch of the kids still behind were lining up for turns. We all had to stand and hold bits of it down (I was holding the top piece) and put it back together after almost every run, but it was fun anyway. I helped some of the little kids onto it and gave them advice, and we were all standing at various positions on the way down, so we could help if there were spills. Some of the kids' parents took pictures of them going down the slide, so our slide is IMMORTALIZED!!!! *ahem*

Anyway, I think some of the kids' parents only let them do it because we were all obviously teenagers (yes, I bet they thought Jamie and I were, too, but still older), and positioned all along it and all. Lucky kids. ^_^

No one was hurt at all, and everyone had a great time. The kids were so cute. Jamie was all, "I like doing stuff like this for kids, because they'll grow up and do stuff like this for kids." ^_^

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