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I've been reading customers_suck for entertainment, and last night I'm happy to say we were good customers. ^_^

We went out to eat in hopes of a free birthday meal, but as it was not actually my birthday, no go. Ah well. Anyway, our waitress had a shadow, a new girl in training, which was cool with us. Said shadow came by at one point by herself to refill our water, and when she set Jess's down, it slipped, tipped over, and knocked into mine, thus drenching the table, my seat, and some of my legs.

Jess and I both started laughing and wiping up the water with our napkins. The girl apologized, zipped away, and returned with more napkins. We kept wiping up until it was dry, reassuring her it was fine. The first waitress thanked us for being so cool about it.

When our bill came, they'd taken the soups off. ^_-
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