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Dream entry (tm)

Last night I went to be amazingly early (1 am!) and slept fairly well, although I drank too much and thus woke up a lot. However, that was good, because I remember my dreams pretty clearly.

I was part of a musical production of Into the Woods. I think it was for school, but I'm not clear WHAT school. Anyway, I was playing the Baker's Wife, which made me very happy because she's the second-best character (second only to the Witch, who is awesome but has some notes I CANNOT hit, and I CAN sing the Baker's Wife's part in its entirety). I remember sitting in the auditorium with my mother before the show and singing, for some reason, Cinderella's part to warm up. I also kept messing with the headscarf I was to wear. Jess was sort of around, too, but I was never clear who she was playing. Not the Baker - that was some nondescript boy.

Then the musical started, and EVERYONE kept fucking up. First off, there are three stories going on simultaneously in the prologue, so you need Cinderella's domicile, Jack and his mother's, and the Baker and his Wife's. For some reason, despite us not doing it this way in rehearsal, they decided to divide us from each other with curtains. For some reason they put the guy playing the Baker and me in the back, BEHIND the others. Because of this we couldn't see what was happening, got lost, and the Baker missed his cue to sing a song that doesn't actually exist in the actual musical. To make up for it I made a song up on the spot about having a baby (which is what they want), which was sung to the tune of some other song and involved me grabbing the Baker in a hug and spinning around the stage with him.

It seemed to go over well, though.

Anyway, it got a little confused for awhile. I tried to watch during the parts I was off-stage, through the curtains. I saw the Witch, but she had green hair. Her mother was also in it (though she isn't actually), and SHE had purple hair. And Emma Watson was it. o_o

I'm not sure WHO she was playing, but people in the audience kept calling her Hermione. She finally got pissed and interrupted the play to make a speech about how she wasn't playing Hermione now, she was playing SALAZAR SLYTHERIN!!! And she WAS wearing a fake black beard and black wig. I think she was supposed to be the Mysterious Man of Into the Woods, but I'm not entirely sure.

Anyway, everyone kept screwing up, which was irritating me to no end because I love the musical and I was the BAKER'S WIFE!!! Anyway, my dream skipped a lot of it, until the "Moments" scene in which Cinderella's Prince seduces the Baker's Wife. The guy playing the Prince (someone my brain made up - tall and blond) said, "Would you mind if I give you a...little kiss?" (Which he isn't supposed to say - it's supposed to be part of the song.) I whispered he'd messed up his lines, and he whispered back with a wink, "I know." I figured, ah well, at least HE'S screwing up deliberately, and went with it. Incidentally my hair, which comes out of the scarf during this, had somehow gotten to about waist-length.

There was much rolling around and making out. o_o I mean, that's supposed to happen, but it was odd.

Then I sang the song after, and my dream mind did a pretty good job remembering the words. Then I went back to counting steps (she does this in the play), and again, my dream mind was pretty good at counting backwards from 87. I was sad, because my part was about to end, but the audience liked me. And then I woke up.

Weird. But at least I got to be the Baker's Wife. ^_^

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