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So I just moved, right? And then got a job offer in a place about 55 miles away, yes?

On a whim I checked the employment page.

The city I just moved to just posted for a full-time youth position.


I sent an email to the first place saying I thought I'd accept the position already (with some questions). The first place is a bit of commute. The second place is FOUR MILES AWAY. The first place has better health insurance. The second place pays more. The first place has a better title (Head of Children's Services vs. Librarian II) and will provide better experience and is, y'know, guaranteed to give me the damn job in the first place. The second place won't close the apps until August 12 so I wouldn't even get know until nearly the end of the month, and I may not get it at all because they had a position earlier this year I applied for (same level) and they didn't even interview me.

Which actually probably solves it right there. They didn't interview me last time at all, and all that's changed is I have SOME subbing experience. Well, that and I think the other one was adult services and this is youth, which MIGHT make a difference.

Still, I wish I'd seen this earlier (they posted it Jul 22) so I could have applied.
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