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I'm going to hell

...and I'm taking blueslee with me.

Carter: *poke*
Me: Yes? o_o
Carter: *POKE*
Me: *explodes*
Carter: >_>
Carter: *runs*
Me: *reassembles and chases*
Carter: *hides*
Me: *searches*
Carter: *blends in with a sofa*
Me: *finds Jesus behind the sofa* So THAT'S where you were!
Carter: >_>;;
Me: *Jesus points you out* Hiiiiiiiiiiii, Carter!
Carter: Not again! DAMN YOU, JESUS!!!
Me: Yeah, Jesus loves me. ;-)
Carter: >_<
Me: O:-)
Carter:*runs again*
Me: *gets Jesus to help her out*
Carter: Grr...
Me: *finds you*
Carter:*emits car alarm noises in self defense*
Me: Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus!
Carter: Oh, that's your answer to everything. >_<
Me: Hey, Jesus LOVES me. The Bible told me so.
Carter: >_<
Carter: Well, that random Mexican guy in the subway station told me that Jesus loves ME.
Me: Yeah, well, the proselytizer in the diag told ME that he loves me.
Carter: So, is that Jesus on my side, and creepy guy from the diag on yours? >_>
Me: No, Jesus is on my side. He already helped me once!
Carter: Right, so you've already used your Jesus voucher for the day. >_>
Me: He loves me so he gave me another. o_o
Me: Look, he's making sure I don't KILL you, isn't that enough?
Carter: Ok, ok, there's only one way to settle this.
Carter: *sets Jesus on the floor* Now, whichever one of us he goes to on his own gets to keep him, ok?
Me: Besides, Jesus doesn't love you, he just wants you for your body. >_<
Carter: You know, if we weren't going to hell before...
Me: I've been going to hell ever since that Gohei thing on Ruroken Rewrites, remember?
Carter: *nods*
Carter: Try as I might, I can't forget..
Me: *peers* ....has Jesus moved yet?
Carter: >_>
Carter: Here Jesus, here boy! Come on!
Carter: *whistles*
Me: *waves a squeaky toy at Jesus* Here, boy! Here! *squeak*
Carter: *shakes a tin of Jesus treats* C'mere! Come on, boy!
Me: *lassoes the tin* Here, Jesus! I've got your treats right here!
Me: ...Jess says we should share Jesus. >_<
Carter: Oh, just make some Mormon joke at her and we can sort this out all sportsmanlike. With ninjas.
Me: She went to the basement. o_o
Me: *shakes the tin again*
Carter: *takes his ninjas to the basement*
Me: *is left alone with Jesus* YES! He's MINE!!!!
Carter: *sets the ninjas to guard the basement and ESCAPES!*
Me: *curses and takes off after Carter* Dammit, I KNEW I shouldn't have given Jesus those treats! ;_;
Carter: Yes, just like always, your mistake was feeding Jesus!
Me: *sobs* When will I LEARN?!?
Carter: Mwahahahaha!!
Me: I must go. o_o
Me: Like Jesus, I must be fed.
Me: We will continue this! You haven't escaped!!!!
Me: *shakes fist*

I think I need to be chained sometimes.
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