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The Haunted Manor... of DOOOOM!

Last night, I had some sort of weird horror movie for a dream. This is odd for many reasons, the main one being that I almost never dream plots. The others all fall under the plot I WAS given, some of the details (cats sending IMs?), and that I wasn't particularly scared by it.

Well, some sort of combination of Buffy and me, since I was also clearly myself at the same time (don't you love dreams?). Anyway, I don't remember much of the detail from the beginning, but Jess and Buffy/I were living in this huge manor with a bunch of other people. It was sort of like my old dorm, but much, MUCH more gothic. I think it was also more of a boarding house, due to the fact that there was a "children's room" with computers and games. And, you know, families living there.

Anyway, according to the back history of the place, there had once been a Doctor Jack Connor who lived there a hundred or so years before. Like so many mysterious and crazed doctors in horror, he had sold his soul to the Devil for power. Then he went on a killing spree and buried people all over the manor/dorm so that when he was resurrected to continue his reign of terror, he would have help. Lovely.

Anyway, apparently Doctor Jack HAD been resurrected once, and either I or my evil-fightin' ancestor (I could never figure out which) had laid him to rest again. This happened in a lot of flashbacks, in which most of the zombies, as well as the big bad Doctor, were beaten up, put in water (which apparently made them melt and fizz), and buried again. Unfortunately, before our previous heroine discovered how to kill them and rallied a bunch of people to help her, a lot of people had been killed and thus, should the good Doctor rise again, would become part of the second effort.

The current action started when one of the girls who lived in the manor with us came shrieking into the dining hall, screeching about ghosts and how we were all going to die. I, with the help of my father (who appeared out of nowhere), yelled over her for, "Everybody QUIET!" in the same tone of voice Fezzik uses in The Princess Bride when he yells, "Everybody MOVE!" I remember thinking that in the dream, too. o_O

Anyway, the girl revealed that Becker (our cat) just died hideously in the children's room, and that an eeeeeeeeeevil ghost had done it. She knew nothing about the Doctor, incidentally. The cat had been walking back and forth in front of the door, which, the girl revealed, was what the ghost had told him he had to do in order to become a knight (?). Alas, the last thing he had to do to become this knight was say yes. Being a cat, he couldn't do it, so the ghost told him he could use IM (the girl had the program open) and just type yes and send it to someone, and that would work.

Okaaaaaay. o_O

For some reason, Becker refused, and as the girl told us, he suddenly split apart and started spraying blood while the ghost laughed.

Jess and I refused to accept that our cat was dead, and so went storming up the children's room. "Becker! BECKER! We know you're not dead! BECKER!" First Aslan appeared, and we started to make HIM type on IM, but then realized it was the wrong cat. So we called again. And the ghost of Becker appeared.

As did the ghost who'd killed him.

She tried to stop us with lots of wailing and shrieking and threatening, but we ignored her, got Becker to type 'yes' and send it, and he magically came back to life. The ghost shrieked she'd kill us all, but displaying my Buffy-like insight, I responded, "No, you won't!"

"She won't?" Jess yelled back over the ghost's fury.

"NO!" I yelled. "She won't kill ANYONE! She never does! She didn't even kill Becker - she just made us THINK she did!"

It turned out the ghost, whose name was Sabril, was a fear ghost who only killed old people (?). As she explained it, young people's fear fueled her, and frightening children and young people and even people younger than about 80 gave her far more power than just killing them (explains why she was hanging out in the children's room). And she only ever killed people over 80 by accidentally giving them heart attacks. All the posturing with Becker was to scare the girl in there, but by being determined, we had broken the illusion that he was dead. Sabril may feed on fear, but she didn't actually want to HURT people! She made this all abundantly clear by alternately possessing us and explaining to the other, while sobbing.

Well, we were fine with this, and as we were comforting a sniffling Sabril as best we could, a book suddenly fell off a high shelf. Jess looked down and said, "Look, it's about Doctor Jack Connor." Now, we'd said his name before, but just "Doctor" or "Doctor Connor." Never the whole name.

Which is important, because saying his entire name triggered his resurrection!

All around us, things started exploding as the Doctor's zombies started crawling out of their hiding places all over the manor. We shrieked and started running for the car. I was trying to pack (because for some reason, it was going to take the zombies about fifteen-twenty minutes to actually become a threat), and kept getting things like Dad's cell phone, which he told me to put in HIS car. Right. I grabbed all three of the kitties and some essentials (toothbrush, deodorant) and we prepared to hightail it out of there.

But that wasn't to happen, because the evil Doctor and the zombies attacked! Suddenly channeling my Buffy-ness again, I started wailing on them, beating the crap out of them and submerging them in water (for some reason, the car parking lot was both underground and flooded). Cordelia appeared and started fighting zombies by being seductive at them, then killing them when they got close. o_O

Sabril came and possessed people to help them fight harder, because damn it, she didn't want people hurt and she was SICK of sharing the manor with some stupid evil Doctor and his damn zombies. Against all horror movie law, the second resurrection of the Doctor was much, MUCH weaker than the first had been, and thus kicking his undead ass and the undead asses of all his helpers was ridiculously easy.

Sabril was still sobbing though, because, as she said, after seeing all the scary zombies - and KILLING them as easily as one would rip a tissue - no one who lived at the manor would be scared by her illusions again! Sob sob. Then I woke up.

I kind of like Sabril as a character, though... maybe I'll do something with her. My muse definitely wants to.
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