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Warning: Randomness ahead

This entry is going to be random, since I realized I haven't said much lately and so I'm just going to throw out whatever I think of.

My right hand's muscles don't appear to like this desk at work. I think I need to brace BOTH hands to type. Suckage. I'm having trouble now. This is especially annoying because my right hand has NEVER given me trouble before. Meh.

joellehart's parents went on vacation and came up here a couple weeks or so ago, so I had dinner with them. We looked at many pictures of her and ate incredibly tasty banana bread. I had a good time. ^_^

Yesterday one of the children's clerks here came up to talk to me about a program she wants to do in October. She showed me the date and asked if it was all right with me. It was the first time I realized that I am, indeed, a supervisor. They have to clear shit with me first. Oy. @_@

Um... hmm. I took a week off of Morgan in the Morning and completely forgot its one-year anniversary. I'll have to draw something late for that. (July 26, if you're curious.)

I have kittens. But you knew that. Becker is being a right bastard, though. He tries to escape ALL THE TIME now. Normally when he gets out, he's easy to catch, but he's taken to running away. This has made me late for work with wet feet. One morning, though, I opened the door, he ran out, and the garbage truck chose that time to come. He ran back inside like a bat out of hell, puffed up. I laughed. Oh how I laughed.

Our air conditioning broke. This sucks major ass. I had heard what sounded like the furnace shrieking for a bit, but Jess didn't report it the next day as planned. I got home and the place smells burned. I think the fan belt has snapped. And the hot water heater isn't fixed yet either.

I want to write. But I can barely type right now. Meh.

Okay, I think that's it. My life is mostly work and driving an hour each way. @_@ Oh yeah, the booksale! I must hie me to the program room. ^_^
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