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Grrr! Argh!

Becker, who's been allowed outside without a leash since we moved, has decided that he is allowed outside whenever he wants. >_< This has led to him always, always, ALWAYS trying to escape when we open the door. I don't mind him going out, but not on his own - the neighborhood kids like to fuck with him, and while he's a good cat he'll only take so much and I don't want them bitten. That, and he's stupid and would probably go play in the road if unsupervised. >_<

These attempts at escape are a problem in the morning, because I carry a lot of crap out to the car to go to work and it's hard to open and shut it quickly.

He's escaped a couple times, and I have to catch him. Now, before when he came outside, he was relatively easy to catch. Now he realizes that if he's a good cat, I'll throw him back in, so he runs like hell, thus forcing me to chase him, dressed for work, in usually dew-laden grass.

I understand he likes outside, but for fuck's sake, I don't have TIME to chase the goddamn cat down in the morning! This morning he escaped and lay down, so I dropped stuff off and came back, and he BOLTED. I ran after him for quite a while, then dragged him back, THEN had to change shirts because the fucker got dirt all over my white work shirt because his little paws were so wet and dirty. >_<

I'm locking him in the basement before I leave from now on.
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