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Last night after getting home late (we unpacked the basement and went for dinner around 11, which is why I didn't do the comic, incidentally, but I'm finishing it here), I went down to the basement to turn off the air filter.

Whereupon I noticed the HUGE ASS SPIDER.

I couldn't get close to it to kill it, so I poisoned it. Damn phobia. Anyway, I then smushed it with a shoe and had to wipe it off the wall. I decided to take the trash out then because ewwwwwwww. The spidery guts make me jump. It's sad.

Anyway, I get to the dumpster and open it, and something JUMPS OUT AT ME. So I screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeamed! Screamy noises!

It was a cat. ^_^;; Kitty in the dumpster! I scared it, though. Eh heh. Anyway. And thus was my night.
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