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I don't have kids and I know this >_

The Director just kicked out (well, not kicked out, but sort of) this chica who came in to use the internet.

Turns out she left her baby in the van, in the sun, windows all rolled up.

The Director went over to her and asked her to either bring the kid in or leave, because cars get awfully hot in the sun (in the MIDDLE OF THE DAY), and the chica was all, "In five minutes? I didn't know that!" and then decided to leave.

One of the other patrons was all, "Did the van leave? Is the baby okay?" Apparently the Director's husband was the one who alerted her.

I don't even have kids, and I know leaving them in the car in the sun with the windows rolled up is a Bad Idea. Add in that it's a BABY, and Mommy was obviously planning to be in here for a bit - it HAD been five minutes by the time Director talked to her - and you have me gaping at the stupidity again.

I especially hate it when it affects innocent others. >_

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