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The class visit

I got a call a couple weeks or so ago from one of the first grade teachers at the local elementary. She wanted to bring her class, along with all the first grade classes (90 kids) to the library for a visit. I asked what she wanted, she just said, "Something to make them excited about reading." She also mentioned that the Director (old Head of Children's Services) used to cut things out.

So I went to the Director and got her to show me one of the cutouts and give me the books describing how to do it (you take a paper plate, fold it in half, cut bits out which you use to tell the story, and at the end you unfold the plate and lo and behold, something has been created from your cutouts of the earlier shapes).

Said children and teachers and chaperones (16 of them, one with a couple extra kids) came this morning. I'd gotten a book about farm animals going to the library (which involved me neighing, snorting, clucking, baa-ing, and the like) and read that to them (it's helpful to be able to read upside down, gotta say), and then told one of the paper plate stories.

I asked if the kids had any questions, and one girl asked me how I'd gotten so good at it. Not wanting to say, "Well, I practiced them both once before you got here and winged it," I told her I had a book and that the Director had shown me. The other question was from a little boy, who asked if I could do them both again. ^_^

Then they wandered around for a bit, thanked me profusely, and said and waved goodbye numerous times. It made me feel all warm and squishy.

Look! Validation!
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