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HP ramblings

Is it bad that I managed to predict a LOT of book five? I mean, seriously. I even was right on who it was, along with a score of other things. And I only had to stay up until eight in the morning to finish it! (And I got up at eleven... arrrrrrrgh.)

Did anyone else feel like they were reading an account of McCarthyism for awhile there?

Incidentally, I have a story to tell. Way back when I was in my second year of college, knowing nothing about Harry Potter (or having ignored it all), I took a creative writing class. At the end of the semester, my teacher and I had a meeting to discuss my portfolio. She chose to pay me a compliment by telling me about an author who had started from very little, writing in a coffee shop or something, and told me that my style resembles this author's. I was pleased she thought I had a good style, but had no idea whom she was talking about.

I realize now that it was J.K. Rowling. o_o She probably thought I knew all about her, and that I'd be pleased to hear that. I suppose I am, many years later, but I'd rather have her $450 million AS WELL AS her style. ^_- I already have better grammar...

Incidentally, bitchy!Harry rather amused me, mainly because my one lone story characterized him quite similarly in fifth year. Also incidentally, I should stop rambling and, y'know, work.
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