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If I were evil, I'd have it made

So, the co-worker I was covering for came back, and I've continued to help out with her Tuesday storytime for 3-5 year olds. Storytime is, along with many other things, supposed to be a sort of gentle way to get these kids (well, the 3-year-olds, really) used to being without Mommy (or whomever) for, like, half an hour. Which helps them prepare for school and all. Anyway.

The first storytime I did we had this small boy who claimed to be sick and ran off for Grandma. The next week (when my co-worker was back), Grandma warned me he might try something, said he wasn't happy about being separated from family, and that she'd stick around for awhile this time. So she did.

I ended up on the floor finally, sitting with the kids. Said child was rather scared in an angry sort of way, but he seemed okay with Grandma in the room, and ended up scooting over to lean on me. Later, when making his craft thing, he realized Grandma had subtly left, but I convinced him to finish it so he could show her. All seemed right.

This Tuesday, she didn't stay at all, so he cried for awhile (the only one). He ended up leaving to go to the bathroom, and a volunteer went with him. He did come back, seemed angry/scared, but ended up listening to my co-worker tell stories and showing off his shiny key to me. He then made his craft and seemed to have a decent time till Grandma reappeared. He did say, "Bye!" to me several times. All seems well on that front.

Last week, another little girl came for the first time. She refused to sit and stood the whole time, but didn't cry or anything. She was more in the extremely shy/scared group. She made her craft and left, and I got her name by asking her mother since she refused to speak.

This week she came again, and her mother had to drag her in the room before leaving. Again she didn't sit, so I sat on the floor kind of near her and the first boy. Eventually I noticed she sat down. During craft time, I helped her with her pig, and she actually started talking to me, asking me for help and questions and such. When she finished (the last one), I said I'd walk out with her to find her mother. She took my hand and held it all the way out. So I feel special on that front too.

Which brings me to the last boy. He was new this week, and he literally had to be dragged in the room - he grabbed the door frame and kept trying to stay out, but Mommy wasn't having any of it. In her defense, he was pretty much just being whiny/scared. She got him to come in and stayed with him for awhile - he sat on her lap instead of on the floor with the other kids. Halfway through she left. The boy (who looked EXACTLY like Shannon Vail would at 3, incidentally) curled up on the floor by the chair and hid his face. No crying, but a definite whiny/scared move. However, my co-worker's fascinating presence apparently got to him, because I caught him peeking to watch her.

When it was craft time, all the kids (including the first boy and the girl) went over to the tables, except this kid. So I went over to him and asked him if he wanted to make a pig, which he did, and he took my hand and got to his feet. I helped him with the pig too, and he was getting downright chatty and grinning by the time he finished. I asked if he wanted to feed the pig now (my co-worker had made some sort of pig box with a big open mouth that the kids tried to throw beanbags through), which he did. Then he grabbed my hand and hauled me over there. I'm not sure how he did, because I went over to check on the girl, but he came back for his pig and took my hand again, so I walked him over to the door and Mommy, whom he proudly showed the pig off to. Mommy was all, "Aren't you glad you stayed now?" He was all grinny and nodding and chattering. My hand apparently serves as a lifeline for frightened children.

The moral of the story is that scared children like me. It's a good thing I haven't decided to go into the kidnapping business. =p
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