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Much suckage

It all started yesterday at work, when I realized my chest hurt whenever I breathed. I was hoping I hadn't developed bronchitis again, as that sucked ass. Fortunately, it turned out to be a severe muscle cramp in the muscle that goes over my breast, so that every time my lungs inflated it stretched it, which equaled pain. Wheee. It still hurts, but not as badly as Jess massaged it.

However! I'm STILL sick today, just not with bronchitis. Instead, I have - you guessed it! Uvulitis! AGAIN!

Carter: You just need a whole new uvula, don't you?

Except this time it's wreaking havoc with my ability to speak, as my throat is incredibly raw. I woke up practically every 40 min - 1 hour to go drink something, as my throat was so dry it hurt. Fortunately I went to bed early and didn't have to rise until 11, as the teen librarian is on vacation and I'm covering her 1230-830 shift today.

Also fortunate is this - two classes of kindergartners were supposed to visit today so I could read them a story. Not gonna happen, let me say. But, as it's raining, they couldn't walk over and so I got out of it.

The other suckage is that a cat pissed all over my bed yesterday. We suspect Becker, as 1. Aslan would never do it, and he would even sleep in litter boxes when he had bladder infections to avoid going outside of the box; 2. Tara has never ever done it before; 3. Becker has; and 4. the kittens couldn't possibly hold that much piss. o_o

Jess should be out now getting the mattress pad and sheets cleaned, as it soaked all the way through to the mattress, which we had to clean and dry with a hairdryer. >_< And yet, the little bastard was all sweet and cute at me last night. Go figure.

I need tea. My throat hurts. @_@
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