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The world cannot know of my lack of capitalization on AIM!

As cyrenasea posted this amusing AIM conversation 'twixt us in a locked entry, I'll repost it for the world. Click not if you've already read it on her page. ^_^

Demona651: What does that little symbol mean?
CyrenaSea: What little symbol?
Demona651: Next to your name on my list there's a little symbol. o_o
CyrenaSea: What does it look like?
Demona651: A flying saucer with an antenna sticking out of it. o_o
CyrenaSea: It means I'm about to be abducted.
CyrenaSea: Let me go grab *my* serrated anal probe so that I can switch things up a little.
Demona651: I hope my minions put it back, then.
CyrenaSea: Dammit. You know I like notice if your minions are borrowing one of my weapons of ass destruction.
Demona651: Yeah, I know, and I tried, but I really needed it RIGHT THEN and you weren't available... and my minions sometimes think for themselves. I really need to train that out of them again.
CyrenaSea: You've been slipping then. You KNOW how dangerous it can be when you don't have full control. They shouldn't even be able to piss themselves in FEAR without your explicit permission!
Demona651: Yeah, I know, it's this damn uvulitis. It's got me off my game.
Demona651: Soon as it clears up it's back to project abject terror and humiliation for them!
Demona651: In the meantime, I'll get them to return that probe pronto.
CyrenaSea: But first, swab them down with your germs. That'll learn them.
Demona651: Yeah, it'll be hard for them to think for themselves when I've cursed them with a huge uvula they keep choking on! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

*whistles* Yes, I still have uvulitis, and I got out of singing to babies this morning because of it. *eg*
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