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Righteous! RIGHTEOUS!!!

Indignation, that is! Grrr! Argh!!

(I can't speak to bitch to my co-workers, so you in LJ-land must deal with spelling rant of the day. ^_^;)

To explain, I've been reading through a tutorial on how to use a program to update websites so I can update the library's website. (Incidentally, I have never used a program and always use straight HTML to update ANYTHING. This includes LJ. I do not like this program. Moving on...)

So, near the end, it gets to the part about using the spell checker to check your spelling. It then proceeds to say THIS:

It's also a good idea to check our spelling one last time before we publish. We don't want to spell "cappucino" as "cappuccino" or the toy "Furby" as "Firby".

Okay, minor aside - what spell checker has "Furby" programmed into it? I suppose this one might, but it's doubtful. However, that hardly matters in the face of the major travesty!


*pant* *pant*

Okay, I feel marginally better. ^_^; Although I think when I'm done with this tutorial, I am going to attempt to contact them to bitch about that. Perhaps they will be like the Guinness World Records site, which corrected its grammar on my word! I AM THE COPY EDITOR FROM HELL!!!! GRRR! ARGH! RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION!!!

*ahem* Carry on.

EDIT: I managed to email them about it. I had to hold back on the incredible urge to be snarky at them about it, however.
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