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"I would be an ABOMINATION!!!"

A couple things to report - first, yesterday I finally saw Lilo and Stitch. I knew almost nothing about it, so I was pleasantly rather weirded out by the whole thing. Quotes from our experience watching it:

"I didn't know Lilo was a headcase."

"That was really freaking weird - it's BRILLIANT!!!"

I enjoyed it, yes I did, precious. ^_^

Second, I just read a letter from joellehart, and I miiiiiiiiiiiiss her. *sniff* I may be forced to start writing back today, at work, as soon as I finish coming up with stuff to force second graders to do tomorrow during their visit.

Third, I spent most of my sick time playing Skies of Arcadia, and have developed a fairly unhealthy fascination with it, considering how rather cliche and not-that-great it is.

Fourth, I feel much better, as the uvula is no longer swollen and the cold is no longer in my head. Unfortunately, it's now in my chest. Sigh.

Perhaps I should draw my comic today too. Hmm.

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