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To clarify, it's not that proposal 2 (marriage is between one man and one woman and no "similar union[s]", so goodbye EVERYTHING) got a higher percentage of the vote. I mean, 59/41 is about what I expected. I'm glad that there was 41 percent against it, especially as it's worded so vaguely and innocuously that it's not clear that it's doing anything other than 'defining' marriage.

What bothers me is that a simple majority of voters is enough to amend a fucking STATE CONSTITUTION. That's RIDICULOUS. It should take at LEAST a 2/3 majority! It's just not right that slightly over half the people in a state can just up and change their CONSTITUTION, when the other part doesn't want to. There's a reason it's so hard to amend the federal constitution! WHY doesn't that apply to Michigan's State constitution? WHY is it easier to amend the damn thing than pass a SIMPLE LAW doing the same thing?

And THAT is the source of my disgust. Even with a majority, this - both amendments - should NOT have passed.

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