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Life sucks, but at least you can laugh at the monkey

On the lighter side of things (as it is not my nature to dwell too long without finding humor in *something*), here is something I forgot to post last night.

I've probably mentioned that my parents don't technically know that I'm more or less a lesbian. I once sort of tried to tell my dad that I was bisexual, a few years ago.

Me: *perusing scholarship categories* Hey, select gay/lesbian/bisexual.
Dad: You don't apply.
Me: I'm bisexual.
Dad: I won't believe that until you show me a girlfriend.
Me: Jess!
Dad: No, she isn't.
Me: No, really.
Dad: No, she isn't.
Me: No, really.
Dad: Whatever. *doesn't select category*
Me: *drops it*

Faced with the fact that they wouldn't believe me (it must have been all those boyfriends and drooling over guys...hmm) and my mother once saying she'd be "disappointed" if I turned out to be a lesbian, I decided to drop it until I was financially solvent.

But then my brother's drama with Nidhi began. (It turns out she's technically engaged to some guy in India, so Rob is attempting to marry her first, resulting in a whole lot of Drama.)

Me: Like a foreign boyfriend? No.
Dad: What about a foreign girlfriend?
Me: No foreign significant others, I promise.
Dad: Are you getting married?
Me: Not any time soon. [sadly, true]
Dad: Do you have a partner?
Me: Uh... maybe.

*insert a lot of me saying, "Yo, I told you this once before!" and generally trying to dodge the question, including trying to point out that can't Rob just be the one to bring Drama into our lives right now?*

Dad: No, I want it all right now. What did you tell me before?
Me: *lays out the situation* That I'm bisexual.
Dad: Oh, I assumed that.
Me: ...Oh. Yes, I told you Jess before too.
Dad: Yep. So, about the glee club...

He proceeded to talk about various other crap in a completely normal tone of voice. No shock. Nothing but, "I knew that," with the implication of, "And it's fine."

My parents are SO freakin' cool.
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