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Oh, those wacky laws in the Bible

I never noticed that wearing clothing made of two fabrics is wrong...with the way things are going, I wouldn't be surprised if the damning sin for all mankind isn't war, isn't murder, isn't pride or sloth or all those fun things. It's gonna be that 50/50 cotton-poly blend I've got on right now.

Quote in the comments from here.

All of it amuses me, really. ^_^ And there are so many more examples I can come up with, although my favorite is the one in Leviticus in which the Bible clearly says that if a pregnant woman is hit in the abdomen and it causes her to lose her child, no death has occurred. Hmm... I guess abortion isn't murder according to the Bible, now is it? But selective comprehension seems to be the thing for the crazy ones. Sigh.
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