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Becky: School's driving me nuts. I want to be done with school, but I'm not sure I want to work yet, either.
Me: Yeah, I know. It's like, "AH! Must be done with school!" but "Eh, I don't want to work either..."
Jess: You know what I miss? Being a little kid.
B: You mean, like preschool?
J: No, like middle of elementary school.
Me: Yeah! You're old enough to read the cool books, but you're not concerned with work at all, and no one's bugging you about college yet!
J: Yeah! It's so much better than now!
B: Yeah, but it also means I'd have the writing skills of a two-year-old and go around thinking I'm going to be a famous actress.
J: Hmm, true.
B: And you know the worst thing we'd have to give up?
J and Me: What?
Me: Oh god! You're right! Never mind, I'll go back to work now! I must have smut!
B: Damn straight.

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