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Good-bye, assisted procrastination

Alas, I was hauled in for a discussion with the Director, who was basically all, "Okay, so you do everything we want you to, but you seem to be doing personal stuff on work time." - i.e. IM, etc. So I'm a little guilty, although I've been good about it as of late. Just ask my IM friends who have only seen me at lunch this entire week. =p

Others notice the IM thing (when I do it) and my bad habit of clicking between windows a lot (this is something I do all the frickin' time, and often ISN'T related to me trying to hide stuff from people walking around behind me, although I admit that it is occasionally) make them think I must be doing personal things. So the Director called me on it; for some reason I got nervous and stuttered that sometimes I'm on IM to check with zaph about website stuff (which is actually true), then calmed down and explained my habits of switching windows and leaving IM up, and okay, no more. She seemed okay with it, said it was obvious I was doing the work, as it all gets done and all. A write-up later and I suppose all is good now, assuming I don't get called on doing this again.

I admit that sometimes I am doing not-work-related things, but I usually am doing something work-related at the same time. The reasons are twofold - one, because I think I have slight ADD and have trouble paying attention to one thing exclusively, and reading, say, fanfiction while writing press releases or whatnot actually helps me focus. This is something that, however, doesn't usually go over well with others who can't understand my phenomenal multitasking ability combined with my inattention.

But it's also because I tend to work so fast that I can't concentrate on one thing at a time. Can I help it if I'm capable of doing two things at once? And that I do everything so fast? I mean, seriously, I'd be bored all the time if I NEVER procrastinated, because I really do do everything about twice as fast as everyone else. I'm not THAT good at inventing work, so I try to slow myself down a bit so I don't end up with NOTHING to do. >_>

Anyway, it's all over now (except for lunch). My procrastination will have to take the form of non-computer, so I suppose now I'm going to be telling myself stories, listening to music (dude, the Director does that one, and as long as it's very quiet it should be good), and writing stuff down on paper. It'll look like notes, and I can make my handwriting crappy enough that no one could read it without taking it from me, heh. That solves the window-clicking problem.

Still. Sigh.

Oh, but I did get kicked out an hour early to go home, as it's snowing like mad. Unfortunately, I only arrived home fifteen minutes early. Sigh. At least I didn't crash.

Oh, and joellehart, this means you'll probably not get your entry till, like, Saturday. Alas!
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