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I officially hate snow.

I will not like snow again unless I move somewhere where it doesn't DO IT ALL THE GODDAMN TIME. I got up extra early because it snowed AGAIN, and I didn't want to be late because the Director had warned me about some maintenance people showing up at 9:30 (when I'm supposed to get here), and that as she was at a conference in the morning, I needed to be there. So, after sleeping very fitfully for about six hours, I finally rose an hour early and left.

I got here on time. I nearly killed myself, too, at one point. (Okay, not really.) I was in the left lane, coasting along at a reasonable, nondangerous clip, when I saw a rescue vehicle in the distance blocking my lane. So I changed lanes slowly into the big gap next to me, which is when I realized the people in front of me were going, like, half my speed. So I hit the brakes. And skidded. And realized that I wasn't going to be able to not hit them unless I pulled off, so I did. Something about hitting the actual snow (instead the vaguely-plowed slush) slowed me considerably, so I eased back on the road and avoided any actual major mishap (or even a minor one, really). It freaked me out, though. I was talking to my mom (hands-free!) at the time, so she got to listen to me nearly kill myself. That must have been worse. ^^;

But it's all okay, because I found out from Entertainment (which I read while struggling to fix the stupid library computers for THREE HOURS) that they're making The Producers musical into a movie! Yes, okay, so there are way too many versions of it (a musical movie based on a musical based on a movie), but who the hell cares? It's going to have Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick reprising their roles from the musical... AND ROGER BART IS IN IT. *dies* I'm a Carmen fangirl, what can I say? Hee. ^_^; Gary Beach will be in it too! Alas, Cady Huffman won't, but I suspect Uma Thurman will be fine. ^_^ I'm sad about no Brad Oscar, but I suppose Will Ferrell might not fuck it up. I'm hoping. ^_^

Speaking of him, I found out Bewitched is about people doing a remake of the television show, and the actress playing Samantha is, like, a real witch. Ooooookay. Sadly, I will still go see it. I suppose I'm a Nicole Kidman fangirl too. (Apparently she was going to play Ulla in The Producers, but ended up backing out. It's all right though. It's not like Ewan MacGregor being replaced by DAVID THEWLIS, after all.)

Okay, enough with me ranting about movies and snow. ^_^;
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