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I officially love her.

pixymisa apparently was recommended to read a particular author through GAFF (God-Awful FanFiction), I think, in a discussion about author's treating of gay characters and whatnot. So, we've both now read The Bone Doll's Twin, which doesn't actually have any gay characters in it, but that's not the point. (Really. It's not.) That's the first book in a trilogy, but my library only had the first so we just ordered the second. As the third isn't out, I went to the author's website to see if it would say anything about that.

She posts fanart! On her website! And she'll even make comments about them, sometimes! And it even says that the art is the property of the artists, too! I LOVE authors who don't go into hissy fits over fanfiction and fanart *coughcoughannericeannemccaffreyapparentlyit'sanannethingcoughcough*! But she even posts it to her own site!

I really liked The Bone Doll's Twin (Yes, despite the lack of gayness! I read much that isn't gay! I'm on The Catcher in the Rye currently), and look forward to the second book and starting her other series (the one that has the gay characters in it, heh).

I now officially love Lynn Flewelling. ^_^
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